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Using our creativity and expertise we have produced hundreds of performance based and narrative driven pop videos for a wide variety of bands on record labels such as Sony, Virgin, EMI, Warners and also Independent labels, which have been shown on the likes of MTV and Terrestrial Television as far afield as Japan, and even on UK TV show This Morning.

In a long and adventurous career, Neil Harris has worked with artists of all genres, Malcolm Carson’s Jaguar, Susan Hyatt’s Pillbox, The Kynd, Garageland, Delicious Monster, Steve Albini, Ramones, Mudhoney, The Damned, Dave Vanian’s Phantom Chords, The Stranglers, Rosetta Stone, Dead Can Dance, T‑Rextasy, Gene Loves Jezebel, Fields of the Nephilim, Dr and the Medics, Skin and Tom Sims, in the indie / rock genre. In other genres Shadow Films have also worked with Toni Braxton, Hotei, Howard Jones, Sativa, E-Motion, Emantion and the Magi, Unique 2, DJ Crow and also filmed the world’s first multi‑camera webcast of the Matthew Street Festival, in Liverpool way back in 2002.

We continue to work with both major and indie labels and unsigned bands and can offer full outside broadcast facilities to film gigs and concerts and also provide band photography at very reasonable rates.

Jaguar: ‘But Tomorrow’

T-Rextasy ‘Baby Factory’

Pillbox (featuring Susan Hyatt): ‘Chronic Jack’

Tom Sims: ‘Read My Mind’

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