Shadow Films have produced a wide range of award winning Television Documentaries for the likes of the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 that have also sold to Broadcasters all over the world. We have worked with presenters such as the late John Peel on the Music Documentary Trail Of Trash (Channel 4), and made films on a variety of diverse subject matter: Witchcraft, Satanism and Paganism The Good The Bad and The Pagans (Channel 4), Clinical Drugs Research Trials Lab Rats (ITV), Body Piercing Pins and Needles (ITV), the Free Running film Monkey Business and were the first company to offer what became Big Fat Gypsy Weddings up for commission to the BBC and Channel 4 two years before anybody else.

We are in constant negotiations with Television Commissioners and also work with a number of Independent Producers and Programme Developers. For further details call or email us.

Telephone: 0151 339 1880
Mobile: 07740 464265